Montag, 10. August 2015

1786 Potemkin Russians from Leonid

Leonid is a sculptor from Russia who is a great sculptor. Sadly he has no shop, but you can send him a mail in case you want to have some figures.

I ordered 10 of this sets for my collection and I am really impressed!!

As the Potemkin uniform of 1786 is one of my favourites which was a modern cut of cloth for it's times I always liked this uniform.

We can use these guys to fight the Swedes in 1788-1790, the Poles in 1794 and the Turkish from 1787 to 1792 (with help from the Austrians).

As for their uniforms the guys looked like this

After so much writing, here now the photos of the figures

And now for Leonid who will read this too:-) Here are the enemies which I want!! :-)
Just the infantry of them.



Finally Turks (Jannisarries)


  1. Antworten
    1. No more need. I talked with Leonid and he allowed me to offer all his figures in the shop. We will arrange the details in the next weeks.

    2. I am interested but also would like Swedish opponents. Do you think there is much chance of this?

  2. Great figures!!! and not march attack. I would like to contact Leonid, I speak russian, could you give me his e-mail adress? thank you

  3. Actually, the Gustavian Swede and Potemkin Russian artillery and cavalry would be fairly easy to do, since they look like their respective infantries.

    I game these wars in 15mm since the figures have been available since the late '90s, with the 1792-94 Poles becoming available in 2001-2002.

    I'd love to collect some of these in a bigger scale though. Especially if the range was expanded! Bring 'em on!