Sonntag, 2. August 2015

74th Highlanders at Assaye

You know that the wars in India in the late 18th and early 19th century are my most favourites.

So it is no wonder that the first figures I wanted to have made from a sculptor years ago were Sepoys for this wars.

The range grew and a year or so later friends asked me if I would sell such figures. Well, this was the start of Fritz-Figures as I thought with the profit from the selling I can pay for more masters.

In the meantime the range grew to be the biggest I have as you can see here.  And it is the bestseller of my ranges, so it seems I am not the only one interested in this subject:-)

I think it is time to finish this range (if this will ever be possible). 

An important unit for the battle of Assaye are the 74th Highlander.  Everybody who read the Osprey or the Sharpe Triumpgh know this:-)

So I asked Massimo to make me this figures. As a source I gave him the well known painting from David Rowlands 

So here are the masters Massimo made. While the first 15 figures are copied after the painting or are in irregular poses, the last five are in regular drill poses.  With conversions I guess we could arrange them for the Peninsular war or Waterloo later too.

 I hope you like them too! One day I will have a diorama of this battle finished!!

And just for fun, there are other paintings of the battle available - but I would say historical not correct:-) But it looks nice.

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  1. Very cool figures - looking forward to seeing the completed diorama.