Mittwoch, 5. August 2015

How I spent the first day of my holidays

My family left me alone at home going shopping - hurrah!

With just six weeks left to Mainz I thought it is time glueing the figures for Poitiers on the stands. Maybe you remember the first photos of the figures I have shown. The stands were too big, we needed smaller ones to arrange the figures behind the hedges etc.

So first I removed everything from the big plates, added all the painted figures to it and afterwards it looked so:

After two hours most was gone

And the result was stands like this

In the end I had 1500 figures glued:-)

Afterwards I checked my mails and got these photos from Alfred. The figures are made by Massimo and hopefully we can add 500 of them on the diorama too.


  1. Terrific work - in a single day, I couldn't even count 1500 figures.

  2. A big job! Just curious, do you undercoat these silver, add in the details and then apply washes to get your results? They look great, whatever you do.


    1. Hi Aaron,

      the metals I simply didn't paint and washed them over with black glaze. Afterwards I painted the coat, weapons etc. and in the end another short washing. As for platics, I used a simply metal-spray, painted the coat of arms etc. and in the end a washing too.


  3. Can't wait to see the project in Mainz! Keep on going!