Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016

Our project for the Dioramica - The battle of Hastings 1066

On the weekend of the 19th to 20th November will be the first fair for 1/72 - and only 1/72:-)

If you are interested in visiting us take a look at
Check the names who will be there and see what you miss if you don't come to visit it!!

When Wolfgang asked us what we have in mind for the fair Schmitty sugested that we should put our Hastings diorama on show. I thought a good idea for the 950th aniversary so I agreed.

Well, yesterday I thought myself "what have I done" when sitting the whole afternoon to glue the units on the stands. In the end I had 1350 Anglosaxons, 450 Norman infantry and around 100 Norman cavalry on the plates. Just 100 special figures left who don't fit in a shieldwall.

I hope Schmitty has much more Normans than I because it is difficult to explain why they won the battle showing these numbers:-)

If anybody of you has painted figures for the two armies and want to join our group (or wants to sell his figures) please send me a mail. It would be great to see the battle in 1:1 scale, but of course this is just a dream.

Here the photos of my armies for the project.


  1. Hi, I´ve got about 40 painted normans (Revell- 36 foot, 4 mounted) I could,(although time would be short) if you want I could paint up some your Price ;-)

    1. Hi Paul,

      your Quality of painting means I have to put them in the front rank so that everybody can see them.

      Send me a mail so that we can discuss it:-)


  2. oh..and some painted figs from the Vikings Against Franks set..some of those (I have not checked yet to see which ones or how many ) would fit among the anglo-saxon ranks