Dienstag, 1. November 2016

British guns and a Sepoy Artillery for Wellington in India

I talked with Andy that I need some British artillery to round up my range for Wellington in India.

Alfred told me that in India (as well as in the Peninsular war) the British used the old artillery-system from the AWI. So I suggested to Andy that a range of guns for these wars would be an interesting subject.

We already have the Portuguese artillery in the shop. These guys used the old system in Spain.

Now I wanted to have a Sepoy artillery too and asked Massimo for it

So now the only thing missing in my range is an Indian commander. I still have a prince on an Elephant in mind:-)

And now with these guns available I also asked the hobby-friend for whom Massimo made the US infantry in Hunting-shirts what he thinks about a true British artillery. The guns from Imex are a joke....

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