Mittwoch, 9. November 2016

Thomas' ever growing Chinese Ming army

sounds like the "ever victorious army" - but that is another war:-)

I am really impressed by the work of Thomas. One day we will have photos of a big diorama with thousands of Chinese and Koreans to battle the Japanese in the late 16th century.

Here are some photos from his range. A mix of upcomming and already available figures.
See the range in our shop

And wondering what comes up next I saw the latest news from Caesar miniatures. Beside all the modern and WW2 stuff at least another ancient one - Han Chinese.

For sure Thomas will use them for conversions. But for me I will take them together with the newline range and the 3D-figures I got to build up a Chinese army for the war of the heavenly horses - another of the future projects we have in mind:-)

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