Donnerstag, 17. November 2016

Some photos from my last holiday in Trieste

Since five years my children always want to have their holiday in Northern Italy. A nice country, good food and hot weather - but I would like to see more of the world....

So tomorrow I will have one of our hobbytours, visiting the 1st Dioramica and hope to see a lot of you guys there.

If you are not able to come visit their homepage. I am sure photos of the event will appear there:

And for sure on this blog:-)

Ok, comming back to Italy. In Trieste I found the museum Diego de Henriquez. This guy collected a lot of WW1 vehicles and weapons and after WW2 he took what he could get.
Beside this he collected toy-soldiers and other stuff.

Here the list of his collection

And here some photos I made there

A kind of card game

Good old toys for the children

The more serious things - in this coach Archeduke Franz Ferdinand was driven to his grave after Sarajevo

My favourite - Reviresco makes such armoured cars in 1/72 scale. Great stuff!

This is a model:-)

But can anybody tell me what this is?

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