Dienstag, 22. November 2016

The last weekend at the Dioramica

First of all I must say I am still tired from the lot of good discussions and good beer in the evenings.

The fair would have been the best I've been there even without the visitors because I met nearly all my hobbyfriends there. Most of the producers and sculptors in 1/72 were there too.

On Display were a lot of big and small dioramas, all of them Gems.

We talked about future projects in diorama building and in producing figures.
For a long time Francesco (Franznap) and I had the chance to meet each other personally. We always missed each other in the last two years.

So now Francesco and we are cooperating, trying to organise complete armies for different wars to complete the ranges.

But what should I write about a lot - simply a great weekend, a lot of new ideas and around 500 photos from my camera. Here are the first few:

A nice little diorama of the 1812 campaign - Bad luck for the Poles

Here one of the bigger ones - The siege of a Phoenician town by Mr. Cryns. A great one. Especially ths ships. One was made from wood, no model!

And just one photo from our own diorama. More will follow with the next post