Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017

Every three days a new set at the moment:-) And again more Russians

It is really impressing to see how fast Massimo works at the moment. I still have a pipeline of nearly 50 sets for him to make and every month a few more collectors join our group with their wishes.

For me it is surprising that over 90% of the wishlist is about the Napoleonic period. Because of this I will go myself into other subjects after finishing the Turkish army.

But for the Napoleonic collectors this is of course good news. At the moment we are working on three ranges:

French Revolution
Peninsular war
Campaign in Russian 1812

Beside this Pieter told me he wants to complete his Dutch/Belgian army for Waterloo.

Here is the next set for 1812 - A Russian infantry command in "Action-Poses".

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