Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2017

Flat figure dioramas in the museum at Morges/Switzerland

In our anual hobbytrip we went into Switzerland. This country has a lot of interesting museums which offer figure dioramas, uniforms etc.

My favorite museum was Morges which has an exhibition of Swiss uniforms in foreign service, Swiss cantonal uniforms, a collection of Swiss artillery from medieval times until now - and a huge collection of flat figures.

I liked very much the diorama of the battle of Schellenberg in the war of the Spanish succession.
Over ten years ago I visited the battlefield together with friends.  Strange that I haven't been there since as it is less then 100 kilometers away from home...

Here the Bavarians gave a good account of themselves against British and Danes.
You still can see the old defence works they dug.

And here the photos of the diorama. I think they are big enough to zoom for details:-)


  1. Great diorama and lovely figures, if you recall we visited the battle site together when we also visited Blnheim and walked through the village and ate well at that Chinese restaurant in Hochstadt
    cheers Old John