Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018

Bengal lancers

And we are going forward fast. With several sculptors working for our group we nearly have a new set of figures each week.

In the past Massimo sculpted for me a Bengal lancer for the second Afghan war which we gave away as a bonus for bigger orders.

Now after more than two years I put this figure back and asked Massimo to complete me a set of them. As colonial warfare is a fascinating subject for me such campaigns like the 2nd Afghan war, the Boxer Rebellion and Egypt 1882 are still on the focus for future diorama projects.

BTW, this years project will be Ulundi 1879. The diorama will be on display at the Dioramica in November.  Ok, for this I need other lancers...

See here now the complete set he made for me. You can never have enough of them:-)
And waiting figures in the backround is what I need for the bigger dioramas.

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