Dienstag, 23. Januar 2018

Our diorama project for 2018 - Ulundi 1879

In November 2018 is the 2nd Dioramica. We were able to safe us some space (Patrick told me far too much space..:-) ) for our Diorama.

The idea is to show the British square in 1:1 scale and as many of the 25.000 Zulus we are able to paint. At the moment I have 2.667 figures painted, 2281 of them Zulus. As a team we already passed the 5000 figure mark.

So I think Patrick is right when he told me I need half a room for it:-)

Here the organisation of the Britsh square.

And the attack of the Zulu columns.

The Landscape is interesting, here we have to check how we make it

The British fought 4 ranks deep and Rainer already sent me photos of his 1st company of the 80th on the front of the square. Just an idea as they have to be in closer formation.

Being a purist I would refuse to use all the 24th foot figures with green facings for the square. The facing-colors of the units involved in the battle were yellow, blue an black. I am wondering how long I can be strong before and paint new British before I start mixing the green guys between the others....

If someone of you has painted Zulus left he doesn't need (or want to lent for the project) you can help us to fill up the columns which attacked the corners of the square.

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