Sonntag, 14. November 2010


With Fredericksburg now finished, I want to show you my favourite diorama - Isandlwhana. Beside the Sikh-war, the Zulu war is my special interest in colonial warfare. Around eight years ago together with my friend Alfred Umhey I had the idea to make this diorama. Shortly before the fair the others got wind of it and helped with some more reinforcements. In the meantime I painted nearly as many more figures as we have here on the diorama. With the now available and upcomming HAT-range for this subject, I am sure there will be a second time to put in on show. Maybe one day I will be able to have it 1:1 for both armies. On the other hand I painted a lot of British troops for Kambula, another interesting battle of this war. Let's see what will happen.

The Rock of Isandlwhana was made by Alfred. For the tents we used the Kai Fuhrmann series (ok, honestly most we copied).
Figures are mostly Esci with a mix of metals from Qualitycast, Newline design,, Hinton Hunt, Scruby and Jacklex. Beside this a lot of interesting conversions, of which I sadly have no photos here.

The plate is 4x3 meters and we have around 2200 figures on show.

When we made the diorama I had no digicam at all, so the photos here I scanned and the quality is not the one I have now.


  1. WOW!!!! Will this be shown anywhere...DUZI or such like?

  2. Hi Paul,

    well at the DUZI next year we will have the battle of Asculum (Pyrrhus) and the year after Borodino, the charge of the Saxon cavalry on the great redoubt. Afterwards the thought was something from the Crusades.

    But as Isandlwhana is my own baby, maybe in Mainz in the comming years? Depends on how fast HAT will deliver its boxes.


  3. That is an amazing amount of work,well done.