Sonntag, 7. November 2010

Trying green stuff again

Ok, this morning after sorting several hundred uniform-plates into my folders, I thought to try again working with green stuff.

The British invasion of the Rio de la Plata 1807 is something I always wanted to have as a diorama. So far not really much figures for it are on the market. Maybe a few British from Hinton Hunt and Scruby. But nothing on the Argentinian side.

In the past I took the Kennington 1812 US militia with a paint conversion for the regiment Patricos as a try. Today I tried to convert some more.

If anybody has more skill then me, then I invite you to try it and send the masters for mouldmaking over!!

This style of uniform with the round hat stands for around 70% off the Argentinian infantry. Just smaller differences which can be done with a paintjob.

Here the regiment Gallegos. Body are different French, the hat is from the Imex Texan standing firing. 

 And here the Minones de Cataluna. Body is an Esci Napoleonic British artilleryman. The arms are from the Imex Texan infantryman I used for the heads.

I am waiting for your suggestions of other conversions:-)))


  1. Interesting project - only figures in tarletons I can think of is Waterloo RHA Airfix

  2. Hi
    Your blog is a great discovery for me. Very interesting conversions!