Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

Tel El Kebir

You may have recognised that I am interested in Colonial wafare. This evening Massimo again surprised me with conversions for Bengal lancers at the battle of Tel El Kebir. See here what made me speechless. The bad news is, he didn't made them for me, but for another lucky Italian collectors friend:-)

As I had Tel El Kebir in mind for a long time, I started painting on HATs Highlanders, Esci Zulu British and Waterloo's Egyptian infantry in Summer uniform. Then Ral Partha had some other nice Egyptians and I think it will be not too difficult to convert Egyptians from other stuff. Maybe the Crimean Turks can be remodelled into Egyptians too.

What made me happy these days was the offer of Pay Prodersen to sell me some of his Colonial figures for a future diorama. Of course I aggreed to it and see what I will get next week.

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