Samstag, 20. November 2010

Wellingtons Sepoys

While searchig the photos for the last post I came over this photos.
Some of you know that I had the idea of an own factory, producing figures of exotic units of which I doubted any manufactor would do them in the future. Well, here I am wrong, GERman did some. But the plastic of GERman is still another problem.

See here photos of my Indian Sepoys, useful from 1780 to 1815. All these figures are available in the four different headgears shown here. Bengal, Madras or Bombay and two versions of Grenadiers.
All in all 8 poses are done now.

These figures are for sell for 80 Eurocent each from me directly. All the profit I make goes into new masters. In the end I hope to be able to offer a complete Sepoy army with all needed poses, maybe the European regiments too and for sure a Mahratta and Mysore  army too.
It depends all on you. For a master I have to pay 130$. So help me buying this stuff to give us - and of course me:-))) - more figures in the future.

the left hand of the firing guy was changed before castings. All this b/w photos were the first try of the sculptor.

And taken from Clive's blog who already got his share:

And here for the guys who already got some but don't know how to paint them some plates from my collection

And if there are still some among you who think that it is not their period, you need some inspiration:-))

Or simply fiction from - in my eyes - one of the best authors of the world

Have fun!


  1. What scale are these? They look great.

    Roly (New Zealand)

  2. Hi Roly,

    they are 1/72.