Montag, 29. November 2010

Sikh wars

And as the Sikh wars are still my passion I was very happy to find this photos while searching my archive. I found these figures on a figure fair. As Flats are very popular in Germany I find them very often on figure fairs. For myself, I like figures in all scales and styles as long as they are historical. But for my own collection I am stricktly focused on 1/72.

Please give me some comments if you want to see such photos of flats too or if I should simply focus on 1/72 on this blog.

Maybe Sean from Newline likes the photos and we will see them in "our" scale too very soon:-)))

And here are some great sources for conversion ideas into 1/72. The diorama is titled "Sikh parade in 1835".


  1. Uwe - these are great images...

    For me you can keep then coming...this is an art form that is the envy to most of us mortals...I don't know if I am speaking for myself - but I love to look (read gaze lovingly) at most well painted figures whatever their scale, period or make (plastic or Metal)...

    As you - I have one scale and one period that I collect...but that does not stop me appriciating other art skills...

    On another note - hows the Egyptian figures coming along...I have my paint brush at the ready...


  2. Your not alone Duncan...I also collect 99% one scale but it doesn´t stop me looking and appreciating artworks like this..More is all i can say.

  3. Hi guys,

    thanks for your comments. So I have much more in the archive and don't have to paint too much too fast:-)

    As for the Egyptians Andy is very busy with other stuff. But I have another sculptor at hand who will make masters for 80 Euro each. We two and two or three other friends could share the costs of the masters. Casting then would be around 30 cent a figure. What do you think?


  4. Hi Uwe

    Great news...but some Egyptians aside for me please...