Donnerstag, 24. November 2011

Bunker Hill again

I already showed our Bunker Hill diorama from 2005 on this blog. But now I scanned my old photos I have from it. See here Bunker Hill with units in 1:1 strength at the battle. Even the American redoubt is scalled down to it's right size in 1/72. It was interesting to see that no battlemap I have seen so far is right, as it is impossible to attack this redoubt in one line battalion beside battalion as the British sources suggest. The redoubt is simply to small.

So here I decided to let the British attack in several lines of units, each unit two man deep. My favourite units are the regiments standing in reserve here. As for the Grenadiers, most of them very lost in action in the two attacks which happened before. This here is the third attack which was done mostly by the center companies.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Here are the first, more will follow soon.

Looks not too big as in the whole battle not more than 3000 soldiers were involved

From the left british flank

I liked this diorama because of the formations we were able to show.

It has to be three lines of infantry.

 What was left of the Grenadiers....

 Ok, on this photo it looks more impressive:-)

 From the American point of view


  1. Fascinating to see a piece done at 1 to 1.

  2. If it is possible I always want to do battles in 1:1. Here it worked. From other battles like Aspern or Fredericksburg we did it the way to "cut out" a part of the battle and showed it in 1:1.

    BTW, have I already wrote that in 2012 it will be the charge of the Saxon cavalry at the Great Redoubt? Battle of Borodino this time.