Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Borodino 2012 - Next step

Here you can see the next step on the great redoubt. Wolfpits in front of the ravine and just to show the size three ranks of selfmade Garde Du Corps (20 ranks in a file). Yesterday we had a painting evening and I was able to nearly finish 18 Strelets Garde Du Corps. Well not the best figures on the market, but beside the conversions we made the only available figures on the subject.

So far I have already 1200 painted Russian infantry in my collection, mostly Esci with several sets of Zvezda. I think that is enough for two batallions on the flank of the redoubt.


  1. Interesting what are you using for regular Russian infantry? Zvesda only make guards.

  2. Hi Conrad,

    for the regulars I use the Esci. But the Zvezda without plume would also go. Beside this on the flank of the redoubt was the Ismalowski guard regiment, so a lot of Zvezda's would be needed. The Zastrow attacked the guards while the Garde du Corps went for the redoubt itself.

    BTW, some metals from Art-Miniaturen, Kennington, Hinton-Hunt etc. will give some more life into the group.