Samstag, 19. Mai 2012

ACW from Strelets

Well you know the ACW command sets Strelets did in the past. But do you know their infantry sets?
For sure not as these are conversions from Hank who found his interest in the American civil war after being on several holiday-tours, visiting the battlefields.

See here what you can simply paint from Strelets 1877 Russians and Turks (ok, he hasn't shown the Turks as New York Zouaves so far.-))), or conversions from Boers.

Well you know the enthusiasm with which Hank build his Kalafat diorama and his work on Silstra 1854. Great subjects in my mind. Now with his changing into something more "mainstream" in my eyes I can imagine that several of you are interested to see more on this subject in the future?


  1. Really impressive!!! Very well done.

  2. And I thought I´d be the only one having had the idea of using Boers and 1877 Russians into ACW :-(