Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

News from Falcata

Hermogenes from Falcata sent me his latest news which I have ordered. This time the Isabellinos as enemies for their already done Carlist range. Very interesting figures of a lesser known subject. On the other hand the Perry's already did the war in 28mm and published a book with a lot of information, uniformplates which is really interesting.

Then we have the paintings of Ferrer dalmau for this subject, just try to search his name in google to see hundreds of paintings, most of them for the Carlist war too. So maybe you will become interested in this campaign.

What was a great joy with this parcel were two painted Zvezda Zastrow Cuirassiers as a gift for our Borodino diorama in September. Many thanks for ths support here!

And then beside the ordered figures, Hermogenes sent me - as a gift again - several figures from his new ranges - 30YW war and Indian Mutiny. Wow the 30YW are really impressing while the Indian Mutiny is a very colourful subjet too wich already teased me but for which I just have five converted figures in my collection which I did after a visit in the Gordon Highlander museum 10 years ago... But now with Newline's Sikh-war range several of the figures could be useful for the 1857 campaign too and together with Falcata we would have a big selection for my favourite colonial subject - India before 1860:-))

If you want to see the news from Falcata then go to their blog and enjoy photos like their Tercio

Ok, and now I have to search for my Alatriste DVD:-))))

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