Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

Hanau 1813-2013

Rainer had the idea that after Borodino we should try to make a small diorama of the battle of Hanau 1813 as it was the last Napoleonic battle on German soil. Besides this, Rainer is living near Hanau:-))

Well why not, I already have around 500 Bavarians painted in my collection...

Some other collectors had the same idea years ago, but beside these few photos here, nothing more happened as far as I know.

I thought about more correct formations like the old Guard destroying two batallions of the 59th Austrian regiment Rainer or the cavalryfight against the Guard.

Or maybe Wrede receiving his wound at the 31st?

See here his original coat repaired after the wound. This photo I took on a special exhibition in 2009 in the Bavarian army museum.