Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

Our Diorama for 2012 - Borodino

no not the whole battle in 1:1, just the charge of the Saxon heavy brigade on the great redoubt. But this as usual in scale 1:1:-)

So we need 400 Garde Du Corps, 400 Zastrow-Cuirassiers and 200 Polish Cuirassiers for the charge. Our dream would be to have the neighbour brigade of Westfalien Cuirassiers too on the plate but we already have difficulties to paint all these Saxons this year.

So in case anybody wants to help us, painting and lending figures for the diorama or selling them to us I would be very happy!!

The Zastrow are simply painted Zvezda Cuirassiers, maybe with a few conversion.

The Polish are the easiest to do, simply French with yellow insteadt of white lining on the shabracke and we already have them painted.

The problem are the Garde Du Corps. The Strelets set is not really good, so we used a lot of conversions from Revell Lifeguards or Italeri 1806 Prussian cuirassiers. Rainer made some great conversions which he casted in metal. So of this we will use a lot.

The redoubt itself was made by Rainer too who did a great job here. Take a look at the steps he did when building it. And see some of the Garde Du Corps conversions too.

The whole redoubt on the plate is around 2,50 meters long and we have to think how much ground we will put around it together with Russian troops.

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  1. bonjour j'ai présenté quelques cuirassiers zastrow sur mon blog.Tu pourras les retrouvé sur mon diaporama de la bataille de la Moskowa. A bientôt Christian