Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

600 new Romans

This weekend I got a parcel with 600 painted Romans and Celts which I won on Ebay for a very good price. Some figures need to be repaint a little, but all in all a good reinforcement to my already big Imperial Rom in Britania collection.. So I hope in the near future together with the friends from the group to put another ancient diorama on show. Maybe 2013 as we already have Borodino this year.

There are of a lot of figures for Roman legionaries in the 1st century on the market, but not all the poses make sense and for a diorama you always need as much as different figures as you can get. Otherwise it would look too static in apperance.

See here some conversions from Pay Prodersen which he sold on Ebay last year. I am glad that several of them found the way to my home:-)

 Maybe these are too hard for some of you, but we should not forget that war is a bloody business.
And it simply makes a diorama more realistic.

ok, some really have lost too much parts of the body....


  1. Not bad...the third photo..the two archers in the middle..they look like italeri with revell archers arms attached..good conversions.

  2. cool though any self respecting roman would never allow his dead and dying comrades to have to wait headless for help to come... there appears to be a resting headless fig???

  3. Hi Gowan,

    hey you are right, thes guy is a little bit strange.