Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Zinnfigurenmuseum Katzelsdorf

Some years ago on a hobbytour to Hungary on the way back we visited the figure museum near Vienna.
I have already shown the diorama of the siege of Vienna (the most successful post on this blog with over 1000 hits!).

I thought that you might be interested in some more stuff from this museum. All scales to see there.

Starting with Morocco 1920ies in 1:35. I liked this very much.

Apaches in 1:72 - great display

 Especially for Stephan and all the other ancient enthusiastics:-)

 Of course something Napoleonic too - this time again flats. A great subject and I hope Strelets will expand its range - but with the right uniforms..

 And staying with flats here a Turkish cavalrycamp before Vienna 1683

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  1. The Roman Diorama, in particular, is superb; thanks for posting!