Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

Borodino next step

Last weekend we had a meeting in Alfred's house in Lampertheim. Rainer brought the redoubt with him
and Schmitty had some nicely painted figures.

We decided to make the plate 5 x 3 meters in size

Yeah I know this is no peace of art but it shows the redoubt in L-form as the center of the diorama. The Saxon Garde Du corps will charge it in a turn from the right to get behind it, while the Zastrow cuirassiers attacking on their right the Russian infantry which is formed in squares beside it. In front of the redoubt we need a lot of dead Frenchmen and within a mix of Russians and French.

So far we have over 2000 painted Russian infantry and the whole artillery we need. Then around 250 each of the Zastrow an GDC as well as the 200 Poles who supported them. But with three month left before it is on show this should be no problem.

What we want to do is to mix the Russian infantry with the militia as at this time the regular infantry was already filled up with the Opolchiene and for sure these guys haven't got a new uniform. This will bring some colour into the Russians. Then the Saxons breaking in the redoubt and sabring down the Russian gunners and infantry and the Russians trying to form a line to push them back will give us a lot of possibilities for conversions.

See here some more photos from the weekend. First the redoubt itself

Here conversions from Rainer and Schmitty

Rainer is fixing the redoubt

Me making myself important and explaining the distance we need between the squadrons.

After the work some relaxing talks and of course some beers:-))

And while Schmitty already starts trinking his, I am still occupied to enlarge my uniform-archive with scans from Alfred's collection:-))

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