Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

Franco Prussian war

Do you remember the Ulf-Debbeler figures for the 1870 campaign which I posted on the blogs some weeks ago? For a German (and maybe others too) this war is an interesting subject, with Pickelhauben German fighting a colourful French army.

Alfred and Roland are working on a diorama of this battle for their museum in France. Volunteers are always welcome to help here.

See some great conversions they did. You see for this period you could use nearly everything. Just the right head and then a paintjob.

You see what is possible.

I would be interested who would buy figures for the Franco Prussian war as I was offered 25 already sculpted masterfigures for the war. The price is around 2000 Euro and I don't know if I should go for it as I would have to sell 4000 figures to cover the costs. Maybe we can establish a consortium to share the costs and then it could work? Everybody who would be interested in the subject, please send me a mail at

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