Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

French and Indian war

Some years ago we thought about working on a diorama of Ticonderoga. The Black watch charging over the abbatis. But after seeing what a hell of a work all these conversions would be, we changed the subject.

So far nobody made Highlanders for the SYW which would be a subject for Culloden or Fontenoy too.
So the only way to get such figures would be old Minifigs S-range or simply converting yourself like this:

 And as you see the Revell Austrians are good for Frenchies. On the other hand Old John is selling the Woodensfeld French infantry which are great figures.

And staying in the Americas of the 18th century here are a few other conversion ideas for the subject.

Strange to see for what the Strelets French dragoons are useful, eh? .-)))