Freitag, 5. April 2013

Bavarians 1870 now soon available

This is the official information I got about the 1870 Bavarians from Germany miniatures.
Please follow his homepage at . And there you already see the first figures for the Rocroi project.

The 1870 Bavarians will be available at the end of the month in Resin from Germania.

Here the original message from Germania:

"In the moment we start this 3 sets with Resin production (rifles casted in pewter) which are for the builders of Dioramas & Vignettes. Later this sets will be casted in Cooperation with Uwe Wild in Pewter and each figure offered separate. May be for the Wargamer between us from interest.
The command set will include the printed flag."

The metals are then available from Germania and from my own shop at 
See in our shop the Prussian infantry and the French mitrailleuse for this campaign too as well as the French line infantry (former HAT masters). And there will be more about the war, the range is increasing and in the end we hope to cover all armies involved.

Here the first photos of painted samples