Dienstag, 16. April 2013

More photos from the Lechfeld diorama from Alfred Umhey

Last weekend I got more photos from the diorama from Alfred. He told me that he was one of the
volunteers who helped painting the armies.

I want to share his photos with you, enjoy them.  I like the water in the diorama, the high waterstand was one of the reasons that the Magyars lost. To difficult to retreat/escape.

So now TK, I await your comment (LOL) :-)))


  1. Haha! :-)))
    Hi Uwe,
    This battle is a fairy tale of some monks who were such fustrated of the so many succes Hungarian campaigns. There isn't any archaeological proof of big casualty of the Hungarians. In addition, if Hungarians lost their big army and leaders, how they could make a campaign againts Byzantium in the next year?

    Of course, I understand the fervor of the German historians in the XIX century, who created this 'legendary winning'. In this battle, there was first time that German marquis hit not only each other but an outside enemy. :-)

    The diorama is very nice. Some Hungarian Xth c. reenactors took part in the paintings too. Although, I'm sorry that Alfer spend his talent and time for a fantasy diorama in stead of a Historical one. :-(


  2. HI TK,

    I knew you would give this kind of answer:-)))))