Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

Building up the Rocroi diorama with flats

Before I go upstairs glue my 1/72 figures in formation for the upcomming diorama, I want to show here
the last series of photos Alfred sent me from his and Roland's work in the museum of Rocroi itself.

You have seen photos from the diorama already on the blog. Here is now the building up.

I promise within some days you will see my own figures in formation:-))

And here the photos. When I got these I thought again there are people who have a much better job than me.....


  1. Looks fantastic. Also looks like a job I would like to have.

  2. Very nice! Back from your holiday I notice?! You also have an email ;-)

  3. very nice. that looks amazing! its actually quite hard to tell at first that these are only flat models and not metal or plastic ones.

  4. Huge, massive and impressive!!