Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

Krisztian painted again figures from my own range

I am very greatful for Krisztian who had the time to paint some more of my figures which are already in the shop.

First the Schutztruppe . Massimo already sculpted 15 figures for me, the first five are in the shop. As for the other 10 which photos you have seen on the blog we waiting for silicone to make the mould. Hopefully they will be available soon.

The other ones are regular Indian Sepoys in the Service of the Indian princes to fight the British.

The source for this figures was an old b/w painting from a special exhibiton of the 200th aniversary of General De Boignes death.

Many thanks to Alfred who found this picture in his collection.

This kind of uniform was worn by most regular Indian Sepoys in the armies of the princes. For example this could be (in my eyes) the uniform of the Marattha regular Sepoys at the battle of Asayee 1803.

These figures are available here.

But the green marching one is not of this range, but the first figure for a new idea of mine, the Carnatic wars of the 1750ies. Part of the Seven Years war in India.

To be honest, I stole the idea for this figure from the great range of 28mm from Golconda Rising. A great blog which sadly had no new post in the last month....

This is a regular infantryman of the Begums army which fought the British. Hopefully I can expand this range too very soon:-))

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