Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

Rocroi is going forward

These photos here I got from Alfred who - together with his brother Roland - had a fine day,
converting and painting figures for the diorama.

As you see we already got the first of Massimo's figures from the Rocroi painting he worked after.
The figures are available for sell as Resins only from Germania.

Now see that is going forward. Just four month left until we will show it at the model-fair in Mainz in
September this year.

The A call to arms figures are very helpful to mix up the masses of Revell we have.

 Especially as we are in need of pikemen, simply standing around...

 Roland is busy:-)

 You see the soldering iron? The afternoon Alfred teached me to convert plastic figures with this is one of my fondest memories of working evenings in his cellar. After melting down the first half dozen it started to work. Better than pin and glue in my eyes.

 Still a lot to paint left...

And not to forget the old Les Higgins range which is available from my friend John whose blog is at

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  1. Superbe atelier et très gros diorama en cours, un grand bravo à vous. A bientôt Christian