Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

Something total different - 28mm figures from Ingo

Well, my favourite range is 1/72. The reason behind is that I have already over 70.000 painted figures in my collection and you still get enough figures for your money to create units.

28mm is a great scale and if I would start today again I would decide this is my range. On the other hand it would be expensive to creat such huge armies as I am used to.

But a lot of my friends changed to 28mm in the meantime. One of them is Ingo who - thanks a lot - is still sculpting 1/72 for me too. On the other hand Ingo made some very nice 28mm figures which are for sell
in the Schillings figure shop  and which I want to show you here too to help my friends selling some stuff.

Selling figures is the only way to make skulptors happy. And when they are happy they will sculpt more:-)))

These are Lützow infantry, very useful for 1813 against the Danes and French and then of course the campaign of 1815.

 And already Thomas Mischak who saw this post sent me a photo of a figure he painted of this range.

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