Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

Han Chinese by Stephan Berry

Stephan already posted some of this photos in Benno's forum, but I think they deserve more audience and I want to show them here again. The figures are mostly from the range of 3-D-models available from CW-Toys of if you prefer to order directly

As usual Stephan did a great work with the details.

The Han came more into my focus when reading the last issue of one of my favourite magazines Ancient warfare with a nice article called: The Debate: J. Albert Morales, 'Could the Han Chinese have defeated the Macedonian army? - The War of the Heavenly Horses'. Illustrated by José Antonio Gutierrez Lopez and Mark Churms.

It has a nice painting of Han-Chinese storming a Greek (better Baktrian) town in the war of the heavenly horses.


  1. Might have to check out this publication - sounds pretty interesting, and the Macedon vs. Han thing sounds rather cool.


  2. It was the best part of the magazine and unknown to me. Let us hope they find more of these battles!
    Nice painting and blog.

  3. Has to be one of my favourite dios.

  4. Wonderful pictures, really amazing!