Samstag, 7. März 2015

Isandlwhana 2004

Some month ago I found a box with hundreds of photos from my old diorama projects. All made with a very cheap analog camera (ok, of course it is the cameras fault if the pictures are not good:-))

I tried to scan several of them to show them here. Maybe you have fun to watch them in this quality too.

Since it is now narly10 years since we brought this diorama on show and my own collection of Zulu-war figures grew very much since then I thought about bringing it on show in the next 2-3 years again. This time with our usual 10.000+ figures. Especially since we have the complete range of HAT-figures available now.

Here the photos from it. First the overview

Here the charging Zulus:

The defenders comming in trouble:

And finally Ingo, me and Schmitty 10 years ago and at least Schmitty and me 20 kilos lighter...:-)


  1. One of my regrets is that I was never a camera person so I have literally no photos of my 'active' wargaming days in the 70's. Some photos of early Northern Militaires, for example, would be really great to have...

    Never mind.

  2. Stunning work, just looks breath taking


  3. Impressive, very very impressive!