Freitag, 27. März 2015

Seapeoples invasion of Egypt

With all the sets available on the market for this subject I thought about having a diorama for this period too. My personal problem is the Egyptians advantage of 30 to 1 in my own collection. So I need to start painting more invaders and Lybians for this diorama.

Another problem I faced are missing ships for both sides and the wagons for the Invaders.

While searching the web I stumpled over this nice little wargame some hobbyfriends from Australia made.

Made by Glen Verburgt, a friend of my mate Donald. Together they arranged this impressive game.

Some more photos of details. Typical wargames have the Hittites comming to the invaders help and using Egyptians from different periods:-)

Does anybody know from where I can get ships in 1/72 for this period? In a museum I found this one, nearly the right size

Nice is also this painting of an Egyptian unit in formation. At least the Lybians this time were on the other side.

So a diorama for this period would for sure be an interesting subject in my eyes. I will start glueing my units on the stands this weekend:-)


  1. Very, very impressive! Can't help you on the Egyptian ships, but the ones you've acquired are splendid.

  2. Atlantic used to do one many years ago and I'm sure I've seen another plastic kit but can't remember who did it.

    1. The Atlatic ships are not really warships and their plastic is to soft in my eyes. I have seen wooden ships to assemble in the US, but around 80$ each was too much in my eyes.

  3. That's an ace looking display, good luck with your project!

  4. Impressive ! and beautiful game-board!
    the ships are nice but I can't help you for the ships .... maybe you can search for "toy-ships" ? sometimes they are good stuff .... when repainted!

  5. apart from the atlantic ones, there was going to be one made by AER Moldava but I think it never appeared, basically, there are None. They shouldn´t be that difficult to make, the shape of the hull is Basic, once that is made the rest is easy.
    The egyptians didn´t really have a specific "warship" design, not in the same way the Carthaginians/Romans/greeks etc did.

  6. Don't know about ships, but I must say that yours are just great...beautiful armies and report!

  7. Very nice and exciting display! At least a big diorama in this topic! I wish I could join to build it...