Sonntag, 1. März 2015

Our Bavarian Chevaulegers

Being a Bavarian myself it was always my dream to create a Bavarian army in 1/72 with the right uniforms they wore on campaign. So far we have HAT's plastics, several metals from Art-Miniatures, SHQ and a nice little range my friend Raimund Konieczko created years ago but which are sadly no more available. The fault of all this sets is that they show the parade uniform of the Bavarian army.

Some years ago I had the chance to get a special permission from the Munich Residence museum to make photos from their collection of battle-paintings.

They have paintings like this charge of the Bavarian chevaulegers at Borodino:

 And just a suggestion if you want to paint your Italeri Carabiniers for Russia. Take light blue!

Here now our metals for this range which I put in our shop this morning.

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