Sonntag, 15. März 2015

Our Poitier diorama goes forward fast

In the meantime we have already 3000 painted figures for our anual diorama.

Now Dr. Alfred Frankenstein sent the next photos of his conversion ideas while Roland is busy painting.

Massimo also gives us the support we need and makes conversions for advancing figures as the plastic sets are as usual just fighting poses of which we need not as much.

Let's start with the first boxes of loose figures

Then take your knive, a soldering iron or simply pins and glue

 Here you see Alfred "destroying" plastic figures :-)

 melting the parts together with a soldering iron

And here the result!

Then Roland has to take over

And do you like the end result? :-)

If you want to join our group simply send me a mail. At least 10.000 figures should stand on the plate in September!


  1. Fascinating post. I'm really impressed by the way you are so organised in production of so many figures. Great converting and painting too.

  2. That looks excellent. Well done chaps.

  3. Alfred is indeed crazy. Soldering Iron for Plastic Models....great idea.
    I am still working on my first 100 for the diorama.

  4. impressive !! so much excellent work done in what it seems to be a so short time ...

  5. The memories it brings back... amazing what you could do with Airfix figures... Macedonians, Persians, Sarmations with their toilet paper horse armour...

  6. Ahora se quien me ha dejado sin figuras para mi Azincourt.....jejejeje