Samstag, 21. November 2015

Again some new figures from Hagen

This week I got several photos from the guys in the group Jörg has painted his new sets of dismounted Hussars (remember we already have Chasseurst too).

Or here an adjuntant from his Lasalle staff set - but painted as an ADC of Soult and a hussar of the 2eme regiment.

Frank sent photos from his work on ancient sailors (very useful for my Zvedza ships:-))

Robert sent a set of Thomas' Samurais painted. I like the colour, like original armour.

And finally after a lot of mails I got from hobbyfriends who asked me about the figures - They are available - our first set in 28mm! You can order them here. If we are able to cover the costs of this set we will go into 28mm too.

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