Samstag, 7. November 2015

Some new masters of which I already got the photos of the sculptors within our team

You know that the team of Hagen is a group of collectors who can either sculpt themselves or ask some of our sculptors to make figures because they wanted to have them for their collection and try to sell them to cover part of the costs.

Here are some photos from Darek who already has the first of his figures in our shop. More republican Romans and Carthagians

Next is Manfred, a new guy on the blog. I asked Manfred to sculpt for me some Napoleonic British trainsoldiers to see how his quality is.

First the uniform - I think these guys are long missing on any Waterloo dioramas. We have a lot of sets of French trainfigures, but so far no British or Prussian

Here are the masters, sitting on Revell British artillery Trainhorses. The details are difficult to recognize in the white material, but I hope they will be good.

These pikemen hier from Frank Ziegler are already casted for a long time. Andy told me that the problem of the weapons and the arrangement in the sets had to be solved. Then they will come, around 80 different poses in addition for the "Project Swiss Gewalthaufen"

Andy made a nice little diorama of a costal battery

The question is, what kind of crew do we make for it? Maybe French Coastguard? Would be colorful:-)

Finally Fredericsent me some photos of his conversions

Maybe you have seen his own homepage at ?

I like his figures but told him I would prefer metal to resin. 

An there is a lot of other stuff which I will safe for a future post:-) 


  1. Hi Uwe - is Frederic the "mad surfer" from eBay?

  2. Hi Foy,

    no he is a Frenchman.


    1. Yes - that's right - he eBays under the name surfeur_fou - here's a link...