Montag, 2. November 2015

Bavarian cavalry - A vignette made by Massimo

Puh, I am impressed by this. Massimo made it for a museums display. When I see this quality and see my own figures I better search myself another hobby...


  1. Fabulous. These pictures, like the Benno's illustrations of Massimo's painted-up version of the Waterloo 1815 French cavalry command, also fascinate me because they give some indication of what Massimo intends us to do about fitting reins to his horses. Since I have still not fastened reins to my Spanish dragoons, I am very interested in this! - I am thinking very seriously of soldering copper wire, but have not yet screwed my courage up to the required level.

    Anyway - marvellous figures - thanks for showing these. Where is the museum? - is this for Ingolstadt?

    1. Hi Foy,

      the Museum is somewhere in Italy. I can ask him to send a link.
      What I did with the reins is to use a thread. Simply glueing.