Samstag, 28. November 2015

Battle of Songhai 1580

My mate Timo was in the holidays in Spain where he visited a toy-soldier museum.
He sent over a lot of photos from this tour - all very interesting.

And as you know I like the lesser known stuff - so this here was a must for me to show!

Thanks Timo for it!

The charge of the cows is something special eh? :-)


  1. Thank you for posting, I had long wondered what happened to these dioramas after the Forbes Museum in Tangiers closed, it's good to see that they are still safe and on show to the public. BTW, the other diorama "Battle of Three Kings" is pictured in the book Toy Armies by Peter Johnson.

    Best wishes, Brian

    1. Hi Brian,

      thanks for telling the history of this diorama. The other ones I have are ancients in 1/72 and a 25mm Peninsular one. What do you mean with the "Battle of the Three Kings"?


    2. Hi Uwe,

      The notice in your first photo says this diorama was a sequel to a previous one on the Battle of the Three Kings also known as the Battle of Tankondibo. The two dioramas were commissioned by Malcolm Forbes for his museum at the Palais Mendoub in Tangiers, it was suggested at the time that he had them made for the benefit of the locals to show famous Moroccan victories rather than just all Western European toy soldiers. They were both made by Edward Suren, a well known English modeler at the time, I think he also had a diorama of the famous "Green March" in Morocco's recent history which contained figures made from plasticene by another English modeler called John Ciufo.

  2. Nice, unsual (welcome to the cows!) and very atmospheric!