Sonntag, 22. November 2015

Some Austrians from Uwe Ehmke

When we created our Aspern-Diorama in 2009 I asked my hobbyfriend Uwe Ehmke to sculpt me some figures.

While he is a good sculptor the quality of his casting wasn't the best so far. In the meantime he stopped producing figures in 1/72 and I have still some of them left.

Another friend of mine bought the moulds and the question is should we cast this figures again?
What do you think? See here the quality of some figures I still have left.

Austrian infantry. The last figure in the row by Ingo Gohlke

Bohemian legion of which I needed a full Batallion at the Aspern diorama

And finally several Austrian Landwehr figures, Salzburg, Styria or how it is called in English etc.

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