Donnerstag, 27. April 2017

Battle of Slankamen

The Battle of Slankamen (also Battle of Szlankamen in some sources) was fought near Slankamen in the Ottoman Sanjak of Syrmia (modern-day Vojvodina region, Serbia) on August 19, 1691, between the Ottoman Empire, and the forces of Austria and states of the Holy Roman Empire as part of the Great Turkish War.

so far the introducion from Wikipedia. For the whole article look here.

In the military museum at Rastatt is a nice flat figure diorama about this battle. Very nice made.

There are so many figures available for this period (see also my post on the siege of Vienna) and in 1/72 more and more figures also appear for this period. 

Here are some photos I made years ago when I visited the museum the first time around 20 years ago. So the quality is not really good.

Next time I will take my Digital camera with me:-) 

The three better ones are from the official homepage of the museum

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