Montag, 3. April 2017

Battle of Wachau 14.10.1813 - a flat figure diorama

20 years ago  I visited the flat figure museum in the Torhaus Dölitz in Leipzig.

Now when scanning the old photos I made I found some from this diorama. The quality is far away from what I can do today with a digital camera, but for me and maybe some other nostalgics they could be interesting.

I tried before to show a Napoleonic cavalry fight with the diorama of Aspern but the space I needed for this was far too much.
To show cavalry manouvering it would take at least a few square meters of space.
And for the clashing cavalry we need other poses than are available on the market.

But I like this litte colorful diorama here. Maybe one day I can recreated something similar too.....

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