Sonntag, 16. April 2017

Eugene and his staff

My hobbyfriend Marc is working on an Italian army in Russia 1812.

So he asked Massimo about a staff for them. As a source we used this painting

And see what a surprise for Easter we got today - No guide but a second ADC as we wanted


  1. Fantastic - will these be in the shop?

  2. Hi Foy,

    yes they will come after Andy's holidays I think. Also a nice set of Portuguese cavalry which I got from Pieter as my birthdaygift which will round up our Portuguese army:-)


  3. Once again, my admiration for Massimo's skill as a sculptor - superb work. If only he would stop producing these ridiculous horses without reins - without the reins they look stupid, but adding the reins is almost impossible without ending up with an equally stupid result. Today I am attempting to assemble Eugene and his staff - what a joke. Fusewire doesn't work - wire which is thick enough to be robust is almost impossible to work into shape. The (new?) cast metal reins do not work very well either - sorry. I am about to try sewing thread, but I am getting very fed up with this. I have bought quite a number of Massimo's mounted figures recently, but unless someone would like to publish a master class on how to add the reins then I shall buy no more - I do not have a trained bacterium to carry out the work. Harrumph!

    This sort of fiddly job was not to my taste in the days when I used to do 1/32 Historex - in 1/72 I find it impossible - if anyone enjoys this kind of torture then they have my complete admiration!

    1. Hi Foy,

      Massimo doesn't make the usual reigns which are close to the neck of a horse and don't fit to the hands of the riders. To add them is very simple if you use Green stuff for example. Make a small sausage which glues itself to the mouth of the horse and put it to the hands of the rider. In my eyes easy work. How tried you to add reigns?

      Metal reigns? I haven't seen them. But as you say, not the best solution.


    2. Very simple? - OK - well done. The pack for Eugene usw includes 4 cast metal clips which are reins - check the packaging - there they are - must be a new feature. It's a nice idea, but impossible to make a good fit with them. I've also used 2 gauges of fuse wire - heavier wire (15 amp) looks better but is difficult to shape. Best results I have so far are with black sewing thread, which i stiffen with superglue once it's in position. My next attempt is going to be with black 0.75mm nylon fishing line! That might be better - might even get away without painting them.

      Regards - MSF