Samstag, 14. Oktober 2017

Atztek uprising 1521 - Flats

that was the title of this diorama in the flat figure exhebition at Morges (Switzerland) we visited this summer.

I give you huge photos to zoom in the details. Here you can clearly see the disadvantage of flat figure dioramas.

With two sets of Aztecs and Spaniards in plastic (Revell and Caesar) and some old Ral Partha figures I have in my collection it would be a start to create this in 1/72 too. But with our Landsknechts we now have in the range my friend Pieter started thinking about some 16th century armies too.

Well, a lof of "colonial" war opportunities came into my mind for this period too. I can already hear Andy "oh not again such obscure figures" :-)

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