Mittwoch, 26. September 2018

Franco-Prussian war 1870/71

This is one of my favorite subjects for a future diorama project. So far I have over 1000 French line infantry, 400 Zouves and 250 Turkos.

But this is of course just enough for a rearguard fight like the diorama Alfred and Roland made and which you can find here when you click at the label under this post.

So I asked a friend of mine if he would paint some more French for me. This is the result.

Now we concentrate more on this war, especially as Patrick will bring his Solferino-Range (made by Massimo) on the market and most of the French are useful for 1870/71 too.

So we asked Massimo to make a Prussian army and here is the first set of 12 infantrymen. The next set is already in the making

In the past we already offered figures for this war, several of them made by Massimo. The last was the French firing line from Thomas,

Simpy take a look at the shop to see the increasing range. Of course we would take the profit from the selling as usual to pay for more masters.

My dream are Prussian Cuirassiers and Ulans for a charge at Mars La Tour

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