Samstag, 22. September 2018

Ulundi - Organizing the units

Finally here now the first photo of our working weekend. Now you can see me working too, not just making photos. The same goes for Roland who painted hundreds of Zulus.

Me glueing a Zulu Regiment on stands while Michael Einsiedel checks the formation.

 Roland and Alfred sorted all my Zulus after the shield color to organize the regiments.

 Proud to have he first base arranged - and looking very stupid...

 Roland started helping me. We know from memoires that they charged in companies four men deep.

Rainer's 80th foot and some artillery which I asked him to paint and organise.

My own British companies of the 13th and 21st infantry as well as my 17th lancers (the on on the yellow base are Rainer's.

Richard made some nice conversions which he still has to paint.

Puh, can't remember which one Zulus these are, but I guess Richard.

Because Rainer arranged his on such bases

While I had most of mine loose to glue them in formations.

 Glueing half the afternoon...

Then removing the older figures which I used for Isandlwhana 15 years ago to reorganize them in the units we need this time.

Richard helping me organizing the Frontier Lighthorse.

And finally a close up of my British companies. You see the kneeling at ready of the second rank needs some reinforcements. So I still have to paint...

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